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Tenchi Muyo Dreamy-Soft Thick Floor Mat - Red x White

Tenchi Muyo Dreamy-Soft Thick Floor Mat - Red x White

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Tenchi Muyo Dreamy-Soft Thick Floor Mat (Hangable)

Size: 40x90cm, 2cm thick (Measurements may have slight discrepancies due to manual measurement)

Material: 100% ultra-soft polyester yarn

The floor mat is made of ultra-soft polyester yarn that has been processed to create a dense and soft texture. It is suitable for use as a bedroom or living room rug, and it features a strap at the back for hanging display. Add a touch of softness to your living space with our Tenchi Muyo Soft Thick Floor Mat. Made with 100% ultra-soft polyester yarn, this rug has been crafted with a dense and plush texture to provide ultimate comfort. Whether you hang it in your bedroom or use it in your living room, this versatile rug is sure to add a cozy touch to any room in your home. And with a convenient strap at the back, you can even display it as a unique wall hanging. 

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