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Gummy Boy Retro T-Shirt Series

Gummy Boy Retro T-Shirt Series

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✨ Spring New Arrivals <Gummy Boy Retro Tshirt Series> 🤹

The Gummy Boy collection draws inspiration from the classic bubble gum advertisements of the past century in the United States. The vibrant and energetic poster designs of popular bubble gum brands like Hubba Bubba, Dubble Bubble, and Bazooka sparked a trend among teenagers to enjoy chewing bubble gum.

Just like the promotional posters of Hubba Bubba mentioned back then, "Your size is not important, the size of your bubble is." It doesn't matter what size clothes you wear, what matters most is that when you put on a Gummy Boy short-sleeve shirt from the collection, you exude energy and fun to embrace each day. 🤹

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