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Cupid From the Future Washed T-shirt

Cupid From the Future Washed T-shirt

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Cupid From the Future Washed T shirt🌠👼🏼

The classic depiction of mischievous little boy Cupid can be traced back to Roman mythology, and to this day, the timeless and classical Cupid remains an iconic symbol of fashion. This time, he appears in a futuristic spacesuit inspired by the Showa era. Looking back, what seemed like unrealistic fantasies were actually the optimistic hopes and expectations of humanity for the future of technology. Are you ready to receive the blessings of Cupid from a distant planet billions of light-years away? 🌠👼🏼💘


✨High-quality and soft 250gsm pure cotton
✨Vintage washed for a retro look
Relaxed and loose fit
✨Street style

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